CSCAA Coach Academy - May 6-7, 2017

The role of coach on a college campus has changed, requiring a greater skill set for success than ever before.  The CSCAA Coach Academy is a unique opportunity for coaches to develop the off-deck skills necessary to succeed at the collegiate level.

Limited in size, the Coach Academy allows participants to work directly with instructors.  Coaches will:

  • Strengthen their CEO Skills,
  • Improve the alignment of their programs with their institution;
  • Learn strategies to maximize your recruiting;
  • Gain skills to grow your alumni network and financial support; and
  • Expand your own personal network.

Past Instructors and Topics

  • Becky Burleigh, University of Florida, Conflict Resolution for Growth
  • Greg Earhart, CollegeSwimming, Mission-Driven Recruiting
  • Celia Slater, True North Sports & Alliance of Women Coaches Career Mapping
  • Dan Tudor, Tudor Collegiate Strategies, Building Your Recruiting Strategy
  • Bill Wadley, Ohio State University, Your Parent Strategy (Yes, You Need One)
  • Susan Teeter and Cathy Wright-Eger, Princeton University and Purdue University, DISC Assessment
  • Wally Morton, Cleveland State University, Friend-raising for Success

Class of 2016

John Aldonas, Marymount
Beth Baker, American
John Barry, American
Anthony Bruno, Iona
Amanda Caldwell, Rice
Karin Colby, Swarthmore
Carter Crosby, Pittsburgh
Mark Davin, American
Eric DeLuca, Binghamton
Carlye Ellis, Cornell
Jennifer Harnett, TCNJ
Nicole Kaupp, Luther
Keaton Koukis, Transylvania
Jordan Lieberman, Texas A&M
Thomas Limouze, Swarthmore
Kayla McCormick, Minnesota State
Katie McNerney, Greensboro
Franco Pacheco, Colorado College
Katie Pheil, Wingate
Anthony Randall, Rhode Island
Patrick Richardson, Hollins
Doug Schranck, Drury
Leslie Shevlin, Willamette
Meg Sisson, Pomona-Pitzer
Brad Smith, Binghamton
Milana Socha, Toledo
Peter Solomon, Wesleyan
Nick Stone, Williams
Carolyn Voorhees, Navy
Sarah Woodbury, Tulane

Class of 2015

Kyle Almoney, Millersville
Justin Andrade, Florida Tech
Kyle Berg, Florida Atlantic
Tiffany Clay, LIU-Post
Adrien Downey, SUNY Buffalo
Jacy Dyer, James Madison
Greg Flemming, Nebraska Wesleyan
Paul Flinchbaugh, Berry College
Ignacio Gayo, Florida International
Mike Ginder, Bucknell
Ryan Goggans, Ripon
Tim Hammond, Grinnell
Jessica Hessel, Nebraska Omaha
Paul Hughes, Tufts
Jon Kleinhenz, Florida TEch
Aleta Kolan, Macalester
Mike Kroll, Manchester University
Kristine Mann, Bucknell
Tracy martin, Eastern Michigan
Katie McNerney, Millersville
Teresa Osmanski, Kearney
Franco Pacheco, Colby College
Mike Travers, LIU-Post
Jordan Wolfrum, Ohio State