JCC Metrowest Head Swim Coach


 Head Swim Team Coach                                                                                                        To provide fun, safe swimming sessions appropriate to the ages and abilities of the children. To plan and deliver the swimming sessions encouraging improvement within the various ages and ability levels, maintaining the highest safety standards at all times. The swimming coach is expected to be fully involved in other duties and activities as part of the staff team.     


1.     Required Instructor/ Coaching certification:

·         Current certification as an ASCA Level 2 Coach OR

·         Current certification as a YMCA Swim Coach OR

·         Current certification as an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor

2.     Required Safety Training:

·         Current certification in American Red Cross Safety Training for Swim Team Coaches OR

·         Current Certification in American Red Cross Lifeguarding

3.     Current Certification in American Red Cross CPR for the Professional Rescuer and First Aid are required.

4.     Candidates who are selected may be required to successfully complete training in Preventing Disease Transmission: Bloodborne Pathogens, Emergency Oxygen Administration, and child abuse prevention.


 1.     To establish and maintain high safety standards in the pool area

·         To carry out swimming tests to assess the ability of each child, taking appropriate action

·         To set out the pool ‘rules’ at the start of each group’s first swimming session

·         To follow the swimming policy at all times

·         To ensure you know who the Emergency Action Plan for the facility in which you are coaching

·         To be on the lookout, and prevent bullying of any description in the pool area, reporting any incidents to the Aquatics Director.

 2.     To plan and deliver fun, quality swimming sessions appropriate to the ability of the children

·         To prepare structured sessions for each group

·         To get to know the children in each group

·         To care for and encourage the children in the group, integrating unhappy children

·         To ensure the appropriate equipment is prepared before the start of each session

·         To maintain interest throughout each session, ensuring that each child is participating

·         To combine teaching and fun with a variety of activities including exercises, games and free time

 3.     To ensure coaches are assisting effectively

·         To help train other coaches and encourage the development of their coaching/ Instructional skills

·         To direct the coaches, ensuring that they are taking the role of a ‘Responsible Adult’ in each session

·         To be involved in other coaching sessions when possible

·         To participate in non-swimming activities as the timetable directs, working as part of the wider staff team, with the children’s enjoyment as the main focus

 4.     To manage the logistics pertaining to those meets in which the team is participating

·         Ensure that entries are properly completed and entered into the appropriate system

·         Ensure that meet entries are submitted on time and in the appropriate format

·         Coordinating volunteers to serve as Officials, Timers, etc. (or working with an appropriate Parent’s Advisory Committee volunteer to ensure that these tasks are done.)

·         Handle deck seeding and drops, where needed.

·         Provide feedback on each swimmer’s performance (may be in the form of a Meet Manager/ Team Manager results report or through Team Unify.)

·         Submit all expense documentation and requests for reimbursements in a timely fashion.

 5.     To ensure the safe and correct use of venue facilities and equipment

·         To use team equipment and only that venue equipment for which the Aquatics Director has specifically given permission to use

·         To check the equipment before each session and inform the Aquatics Director of any damaged equipment

·         To count the equipment at the beginning and end of each session to prevent equipment loss, and pack away tidily in the store

·         To respect the venue facilities, leaving the pool and related areas clean and tidy