Elite Swim Club (Cairo, Egypt) Head Coach

Overseas Job Opportunity

Email your resume to: firstfocus63@gmail.com

Cairo, Egypt Elite Swim Club is looking for Head Coach

Benefits all provided free by the club: Furnished Apartment, Transportation, and Meals twice a day. Contract: One year renewable. Salary: Negotiable depends on experience.


Under the direction and supervisor of the club Manager, responsible for the operation of the swim team including organizing, completing assigned tasks, communicating with parents, and working with swimmers. The Head Coach will also help guide assistant coaches in these areas.

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. must be at least 21 years of age. 2. Must be CPR&USMS certified or willing to get certified. 3. Minimum five years coaching experience.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE: 1. Competitive swimming 2. Instruction of amateur swimmers.

DUTIES AND REPONSIBILITIES: 1. supervises the swimmers during practices, meets and any other swim periods. 2. Teach proper stroke techniques while coaching. 3. Handles all swim meet preparation, including equipment set-up. 4. Distributes awards. 5. Leads daily practices. 6. Creates line-ups for all swim meets. 7. Assists with the preparation, operation and clean-up of home swim meets. 8. Works with the assistant coaches on time management, practice structure, award distribution procedures, record keeping for swimmers, and overall aptitude for coaching. 9. Works with all coaches on meet set-up, reaction of line-ups and creation of workouts, practice development, and award distribution. 10. Serves as the primary communicator to the club Manager, assistant coaches, parents, and swimmers. 11. Attends and participates in coaches’ meetings. 12. Records swimmers’ meet results. 13. Coordinates swim meet volunteers for home swim meets. 14. Maintains a clean and organized work environment. 15. Performs the job in compliance with club policies, procedures, work rules, and the employee handbook. 16. Reports unusual maintenance problems or irregularities to the Aquatic Manager or Building Technicians. 17. May need to perform additional duties as assigned by club manager. 18. Perform all job tasks within the rules and guidelines of the club safety program, with specific attention to safe pool use during swim team periods. 19. Work as a Team Player with co-workers and in conjunction with other departments.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Standing: while coaching Walking: while coaching Reaching: to demonstrate to swimmers or get supplies Pulling: to get equipment Stooping: to talk to swimmers Crouching: to critique swimmers seeing: to view swimmers strokes Talking: to communicate corrections to swimmers Swimming: be able to get into pool to demonstrate proper stroke techniques while coaching