Millersville University Head Women's Swimming Coach

Institition: Millersville University

Job Title: Head Women's Swimming Coach

Position Description: Direct all phases of the sport by establishing and maintaining high standard of excellence that includes recruiting academically qualified student-athletes, scheduling, scouting, conditioning, supervising coaching staff, managing the budget, generating revenue and other assigned duties. Ensure all duties are executed in compliance with NCAA, PSAC and institutional rules and regulations.
Report to the appropriate Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and assume responsibility for development, planning, implementation, and evaluation of the team’s program. Specific duties are listed below:

1. Advise student-athletes and staff of applicable intercollegiate athletic rules, regulations, and University policies and ensure compliance of such regulations.

2. Evaluate performance of assistant coaches.

3. Develop and conduct pre-season, in-season and off-season training and conditioning programs for the team.

4. Recruit student-athletes.

5. Inform student-athletes of academic and other matters pertaining to their enrollment and educational progress.

6. Retain and graduate student-athletes.

7. Plan and direct athletic skill development for student-athletes.

8. Ensure appropriate safety measures are observed when conducting team activities.

9. Work with the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics on the selection and scheduling of team contests.

10. Cooperate with the University Health Services and Athletic Trainers to ensure student-athletes receive proper medical and physical training services.

11. Fundraise for scholarships and operational expenses.

12. Work within budgetary guidelines established by the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics.

13. Coordinate all activities in preparation for scheduled competition.

14. Attend all team practices and home and away contests.

15. Monitor student-athlete academic performance and implement team, athletic department, and University measures to support their academic performance.

16. Assume responsibility to student-athlete compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. Assist the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics in resolving cases where a student-athlete violates an applicable regulation.

17. Work with alumni student groups University administration and community groups to seek support for the team.

18. Submit monthly work schedules to the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and comply with schedule once approved.

19. Attend appropriate athletic departmental staff meetings.

20. Ensure student-athletes participation in NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills programs.

Qualifications: Required Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree.
Minimum of one season of successful coaching experience
at the NCAA collegiate level.
Successful experience and/or knowledge of recruiting prospective
Student-athletes; specifically in the PA and Mid-Atlantic Region.
Demonstrated commitment to promoting student-athlete welfare 
and academic success.
Demonstrated excellent leadership skills and ability to motivate student-athletes.
Excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills.
Knowledge of and experience supervising staff.
Knowledge of and experience managing budgets.
Evidence of recruiting and working effectively with student-athletes of diverse races and cultures.
Evidence of complying fully with association and conference regulations.
Valid driver’s license.
Successful interview, campus presentation and three background checks: Act 34; Act 151 (Child Abuse History Clearance); and Act 114 (FBI Federal Criminal History-Fingerprinting).

Preferred Qualifications:
Successful head coaching experience at the NCAA collegiate level.
Knowledge of the PSAC and Division II Women’s Swimming.
Knowledge of strength and conditioning techniques.
Knowledge of fundraising.
Master’s Degree.

How to Apply::

Your Name: Larry Earnesty

Email Address:

Application Deadline: 3/19/2019