Allan Hancock College Adds Men’s Team

Allan Hancock College Adds Men’s Team

Building on the success of its women's swimming and diving program, the Allan Hancock College associate dean and athletic director Kim Ensing announced the addition of men's swimming and diving for the 2019-20 academic year. It is the second addition to the CCCAA, following Hartnell’s addition of men’s and women’s teams in April. It also marks the fourteenth new men’s team to add the sport for the 2019-20 season. An additional nine women’s programs will dive in as well.

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Davenport Adds Men's Team


Davenport Adds Men

Vasquez Will Lead Both Teams

Davenport University announced today that it is adding men's swimming and diving to its growing athletic department. The program will compete at the NCAA Division II level and join the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. The move comes a year after Eastern Michigan University dropped their men’s team and comes on the heels of Oregon State’s decision to eliminate their women’s team and the University of Bridgeport cutting both men and women.

Current head coach Justin Vasquez of the women's swimming and diving program will also be in charge of the men's swimming and diving program.

"I am thrilled that our University has decided to add men's swimming and diving," said Vasquez. "The addition of men's swimming and diving is an example of the support Davenport University has for collegiate student-athlete opportunities."

CSCAA Executive Director Greg Earhart noted that the addition makes sense for a program like Davenport.

“This fills a need for additional men’s scholarship swimming in the state of Michigan after Eastern Michigan cut their team,” said Earhart. “A lot of credit has to go to Paul Lowden and the DU leadership for seeing the opportunity serve a need in the community. A lot of credit must also go to Coach Vasquez for highlighting the value of swimming and diving in the first place.”

With the announcement, three teams are on target to begin competition in 2020-21. In addition to Davenport, Division III Piedmont University will sponsor men’s and women’s programs. Next season nineteen new teams (eleven men’s, eight women’s) are set to dive in for the first time. It is the second-straight year that the number of new men’s programs has exceeded the number of new women’s programs.

Women’s Programs Beginning in 2019-20

  1. Montevallo (Division II)

  2. Medaille College (Division III)

  3. Milsaps College (Division III)

  4. University of Lynchburg (Division III)

  5. Bethel College-Indiana (NAIA)

  6. Judson University (NIAIA)

  7. Simpson University (NAIA

  8. Westmont College (NAIA)

Men’s Programs Beginning in 2019-20

  1. Youngstown State (Division I)

  2. Adams State (Division II)

  3. Assumption College (Division II)

  4. Montevallo (Division II)

  5. Medaille College (Division III)

  6. Milsaps College (Division III)

  7. University of Lynchburg (Division III)

  8. Bethel College-Indiana (NAIA)

  9. Judson University (NIAIA)

  10. Simpson University (NAIA

  11. Westmont College (NAIA)

Lessons Learned from a Near-Disaster

Lessons Learned from a Near-Disaster

Drop everything you’re doing right now and focus on this.  That’s what every day has been like for the past three weeks after two coaches contacted us with concerns their programs were on the chopping block.  Now I’m telling you to do the same, because after going through this experience, I’ve learned a few things that every coach needs to know about their program:

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Mount St. Mary's Adds Men's Team

Mount St. Mary's Adds Men's Team

For only the second time since 1998, a NCAA Division I institution has added men’s swimming and diving to its athletic department.  Mount St. Mary’s University President Simon Newman announced that the university, perhaps best known for legendary basketball coach Jim Phelan, will begin competition this Fall.  This marks the first newly-established men’s Division I team since Manhattan University added swimming in 2008.

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