Convention Schedule

Convention Speakers

More than 20 talks are on tap for the 2017 CSCAA Convention at the Bahia Resort Hotel. Speakers include:

Bob Bowman, Arizona State Casey Converse, Air Force Academy Harvey Humphries, Georgia Catherine Vogt Southern Cal Dan Tudor Tudor Sports Solutions Brian Gordon, NCAA Secretary Rules Editor (Monday Morning) Matt Kredich Tennesssee Jeff Dugdale Queens of Charlotte Kirk Sanocki Wingate Hongping Li Southern Cal Wenbo Chen Minnesota Lars Jorgensen Kentucky Sergio Lopez Auburn Arthur Albiero Louisville Becky Burleigh Florida Women's Soccer Todd DeSorbo NC State Susan Teeter Princeton Dave Salo Southern Cal Katie Arnold USA Swimming Cathy Wright-Eger Purdue Keenan Robinson USA Swimming Richard Sybesma TCU Ned Skinner Virginia Tech Casmera Wick Villanova Jesse Moore Northwestern Sam Pitter Harvard Nick Folker Birdge Athletic Steve Krojniewski, prAna Ambassador and yoga instructor for the Notre Dame Athletic Department Peggy Ewald , Ohio Northern/USA Paralympic Team

Saturday, May 6

3:00-6:00 PM   Registration    All

Sunday, May 7

7:00-6:00     Registration    All

8:30-9:00   Coach Academy Introduction- (Coach Academy Requires Adtl Registration)

9:00-12:00  Coach Academy Session 1- Becky Burleigh/Celia Slater

12:00-1:00   Lunch

12:30-2:30   CSCAA Executive Board Meeting- (ClosedExecutive Board)

1:00-2:00     Coach Academy Session 2- Teri McKeever, Moderated by Celia Slater

2:00-3:00    Coach Academy Session 3- Coach/AD Panel, Moderated by Celia Slater

3:00-6:00   CSCAA Board Meeting- open  

3:15-4:45   Coach Academy Session 4- Dan Tudor- Mission Driven Recruiting

5:00-6:00   Coach Academy Session5- Parents, Alumni, Community- Bill Wadley & Wally Morton

6:30  PM    Welcoming Reception Cruise- Host Sam Freas 

Monday, May 8

6:45-7:45  Learn By Doing- Nick Folker

7:00-8:30  Continental Breakfast 

8:00-8:30  Winning and Winning Again- Becky Burleigh-Swim/Dive

8:30-9:10  Improving Performance By Embracing LGBTQ Diversity- Swim/Dive         Ned Skinner, Jesse Moore, Sam Pitter, Camera Wick, Moderated by Cathy Wright-Eger

9:15-10:00  The Four Domains of Support Needed: Nutrition, Sports Med, Sport Psychology, and Strength- Keenan Robinson  -Swim/Dive

10:10- 11:20 NCAA Rules Discussion- Brian Gordon- CSCAA Business Meeting  -Swim/Dive

11:30-12:30 Breakouts   -Swim/Dive

DI- Current and Future Opportunities and Challenges

DII/DIII/NAIA/Junior College- Recruiting on a Budget- Dan Tudor 

12:30-2:00  Coaching Women's Teams Lunch- Discussion with Nick Folker and Keenan Robinson Critical Elements of Dryland Training for Collegiate Women (Requires Pre-registration)

-----or Lunch on Your Own-----

2:00-2:40 A Discussion on Distance- Vogt, Humphries, Converse  -Swim

2:00-2:40  Total Team Success- Wenbo Chen   -Dive

2:45-3:45 Multi-Track Session 1  -Swim/Dive

·      DISC Assessment – Teeter & Wright-Eger  

 ·      Maximizing your Budget– Richard Sybesma

·      Creating Para Coaching and Athete Opportunities- Peggy Ewald 

·      Social and Digital Media to Build Your Brand- Lauren Jones 

4:00-4:30  Achieving Excellence- Bob Bowman   -Swim

3:45-4:30  Diving Recruiting Workshop- Dan Tudor  -Dive

6:00-7:00   Banquet Reception  -Swim/Dive Special Guests

7:00-9:30   CSCAA Awards Banquet  -Swim/Dive Special Guests

Tuesday, May 9

7:00-8:30  Continental Breakfast  

7:00-8:00  Learn-By-Doing – Steve Krojniewski   -Swim/Dive

Yoga poses and breathing to improve recovery and mental performance

8:00 -8:20  USA Swimming Update- Frank Busch

8:30-9:10  3 Strokes in 30 Minutes- Jorgensen, Lopez, Albiero  -Swim

8:30-9:10  USC Diving- Hongping Li    -Dive

9:10-9:50  Lessons from Rio- Timing Your Taper -Katie Arnold  -Swim

9:10-9:50 Yoga for Diving -Steve Krojniewski  -Dive

10:00-11:00  Breakouts  -Swim/Dive

DI- Championships/RulesDI

DII- Championships/RulesDII

DIII- Championships/RulesDIII

NAIA- Championships and Growth 

JC- Idea Exchange

11:10-11:40  Changing Trajectory- Matt Kredich -Swim

11:10-11:40 Diving Idea Exchange -Dive

11:45-1:15  Lunch on your own

1:15-1:55  Sprinting- 3 Takes in 30 Minutes- Salo, DeSorbo, Arnold -Swim

1:15-1:55  Diving Panel Hongping Li and Wenbo Chen- Moderated by Greg Brandes

2:05-3:00  Multi-Track Session 2 -Swim/Dive

·      DISC Assessment – Teeter & Wright-Eger

 ·      Eliminating Hazing– Brian Reynolds

·      Creating Para Coaching and Athete Opportunities -Peggy Ewald 

·      Social and Digital Media to Build Your Brand -Lauren Jones

·      Getting Your Team into Yoga -Steve Krojniewski

3:10-3:40 Creating Team Culture to Produce Champions -Jorgensen -Swim

3:10-4:00   Diving Planning 2017-18 Convention, Advocacy, Education -Shinofield -Dive

3:40-4:20  Steel Sharpens Steel, Your Rival as a Partner for Success-Sanocki/Dugdale  -Swim

4:30  Closing Cocktail Reception- off site