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Four Domains of Support

  • 9:15-10:00 (Ballroom)
  • Today's peak performers rely on a support team that provides resources in each of four domains: Nutrition, Sports Medicine, Sports Psychology and Strength and Conditioning. Not every program has the resources in each area. Keenan Robinson explains how both swimming and diving coaches can prioritize and maximize each.

Business Meeting

  • 10:10-11:20 (Ballroom)
  • This all-encompassing meeting will include an update on the CSCAA's advocacy efforts, elections for four board positions and updates on NCAA legislation from Brian Gordon, Secretary and Rules Editor. Download Rules Proposals  Download CSCAA Annual Report

Breakout Sessions


  • Division I (Shell Room) The CSCAA staff will provide coaches an update on their advocacy efforts along with results from a comprehensive study of what swimming & diving must do to continue moving forward. Topics will include time demands, lessons from Buffalo and North Dakota and more.

  • Divisions II, III, NAIA & JC (Ballroom) The vast majority of college swimmers and divers do not receive athletic scholarships and of those who do, two-thirds don't take the highest offer. Recruiting Guru Dan Tudor offers a special session for teams recruiting on a shoestring.

Coaching Women's Teams Luncheon (Del Mar)

  • 12:30-1:50
  • When it comes to dryland conditioning, men and women have differing needs. Nick Folker and Keenan Robinson discuss the Critical Elements of Dryland Training for Collegiate women in this buffet lunch. * (Additional fee required).

A Distance Discussion

  • 2:00-2:40 (Ballroom)
  • Three legends of distance training come together to discuss how they prepare their athletes. United States Open Water Head Coach Catherine Vogt, Georgia's Harvey Humphries, and Olympian Casey Converse offer three different approaches to go the distance. Download Catherine's HandoutDownload Harvey's Handout

Total Team Success

  • 2:00-2:40 (Marina Room)
  • Since his arrival at Minnesota, Wenbo Chen has become the standard-bearer of diving success. While his divers have won numerous individual titles, Wenbo has also developed a team culture of success. Learn what this member of both the United States and Chinese coaching staffs does to create this environment.

2:50-3:50 (Multi-Track Session 1)

  • DiSC Assessment (Shell Room) Coaches are in the people business. The science of DiSC will help you better understand people's motivations, minimize conflict, built trust and communicate more effectively. Part I of a two-part session.  Participants must RSVP Here and come to both sessions.
  • Maximizing your Budget (Ballroom) Long before TCU became a Power 5 program, the Horned Frogs got by on a shoestring. Richard Sybesma will show you how to stretch your budget.
  • Creating Para Opportunities (Ventana) Last summer's Paralympic Team was made up of swimmers from Division I, II, and III. Para athletes can not only help your career, they can help your program. Peggy Ewald talks about the Opportunities for you.  Video Link
  • Build Your Social Media Brand (Marina) Jumping into Social Media is much more than a few Tweets or Instagram posts. Lauren Jones will show you how to help build you stand out on social media.
  • Adding a Masters Program (La Jolla) Bill Brenner from USMS share ways that a Masters program on your campus can produce revenue and community support.

Achieving Excellence

  • 4:00-4:30 (Ballroom)
  • Best known as head coach of the North Baltimore Aquatic Club, Bob Bowman is also a highly sought-after speaker. Author of The Golden Rules, Bowman will identify key concepts that will show you how to win gold every day by setting goals and taking risks to achieve them.

Recruiting Divers

  • 4:00-4:30 (Marina)
  • Dan Tudor will offer advice on how diving coaches can make a big splash in recruiting.

Banquet Reception

6:00-7:00 (Outside)

CSCAA Awards Banquet

7:00-9:30 (Banquet)



  • 7:00-8:00 (Lawn)
  • Join Steve Krojniewski out on the lawn for some yoga to improve recovery and mental performance

USA Swimming Update

  • 8:00-8:20 (Ballroom)
  • National Team Director Frank Busch will provide updates on USA Swimming's current initiatives along with updates on its current CEO and National Team Director searches.

3 Strokes in 30 Minutes

  • 8:30-9:10 (Ballroom)
  • What is the single most important thing to know about coaching Backstroke, Breaststroke, or Butterfly? We're asking three NCAA Champion coaches - Lars Jorgensen (Backstroke), Arthur Albiero (Butterfly) and Sergio Lopez (Breaststroke) - to answer that question in less than ten minutes. No fluff, just the good stuff.

USC Diving

  • 8:30-9:10 (Marina Room)
  • For nearly twenty years USC's Hongping Li has created a model of excellence. See what one of diving's most engaging coaches does to cultivate such culture of success.

Lessons from Rio: Timing Your Taper

  • 9:10-9:50 (Ballroom)
  • Team USA's performance in Rio was nothing short of remarkable. One of the reasons, according to USA Swimming was the timing. National Team Performance Manager Katie Arnold shows how to apply these lessons from your conference meet to NCAA's.

Yoga for Diving

  • 9:10-9:50 (Marina Room)
  • Prana master Steve Krojniewski's second session of the day is geared specifically towards diving coaches. See what Steve has done to help Notre Dame's divers achieve peak performance.

Breakout Session II

Changing Trajectory

  • 11:10-11:40 (Ballroom)
  • Oftentimes momentum can carry us, our programs or our athletes in one direction. At some point, that momentum diminishes. How as coaches can we change trajectory to stay on the road to success? In a session applicable to all coaches Tennessee's Matt Kredich will challenge you with ideas on how to do just that.

Sprinting: 3 Takes in 30 Minutes

  • 1:15-1:55 (Ballroom)
  • Power events make up as much as 40% of all swimming points so we ask three of the best what it takes to succeed. Todd DeSorbo is the current standard-bearer of velocity training while Dr. Salo wrote the book (literally) on Sprinting. Add in Katie Arnold's 30,000' view from working with the best sprint coaches in the world and you have the ultimate POWER Trio.

Diving Panel

  • 1:15-1:55 (Marina)
  • Hongping Li, Wenbo Chen, and Greg Brandes discuss a wide range of topics specifically geared towards diving coaches.

Multi-Track Session III

  • 2:05 - 3:00
  • Eliminating Hazing (Ballroom) - Last year Drury University was the latest program to be rocked by allegations of hazing. Brian Reynolds took it head on and in doing so developed an approach to eliminate it. This important session will help show you how to do the same and avoid the pitfalls that have claimed many coaches' careers.
  • Getting Your Team Into Yoga (Ventana) - Yoga isn't just another aspect of dryland training. It's a fast-growing activity among young people. Steve Krojniewski is a Prana master and Notre Dame's resident expert. Learn how you can incorporate it into your program and why your kids will buy in.
  • DiSC Assessment (Shell Room) - Part II of Monday's session.
  • Creating Para Opportunities (Marina) - See Monday's Description
  • Build Your Social Media Brand (La Jolla) - See Monday's Description

Holy Toledo: Applying Mid-Major Lessons to the SEC

  • 3:10-3:40 (Ballroom)
  • Just a few years ago Lars Jorgensen was recruited away from his highly successful Mid-Major team to lead a historically overlooked program SEC program. Since then the Wildcats have been on the rise and produced a NCAA Champion. How has he done it? His answers might surprise you.

Diving Idea Exchange

  • 3:10-3:40 (Marina Room)
  • As the first-ever College Swimming and Diving Coaches Convention comes to a close, Executive Director Joel Shinofield will host a diving town hall to elicit programming, advocacy and educational opportunities for diving coaches.

Steel Sharpens Steel, Your Rival as a Partner for Success

  • 3:40-4:20 (Ballroom)
  • If you think that coaches from two of the top Division II programs in the country, recruiting the same kids, and living just minutes apart are fierce rivals, you'd be right. What might surprise you is just how close Wingate's Kirk Sanocki and Queens' Jeff Dugdale are. See how this intense rivalry has forged a tremendous friendship and made each other's teams stronger.

Closing Cocktail Reception

  • 4:30 (TBD)