Employment Services

The healthiest programs are those where a newly-hired coach is fully aware of the expectations, opportunities and limitations of her or his program.  The most successful and sustainable programs aren't a result of facilities, budgets, location or scholarships, but rather from coaching stability. The CSCAA works with both applicants and institutions to ensure that coaches are prepared and institutions equipped to identify and recruit.


Whether you are looking to hire a head coach or your next assistant, the key to your program's success is finding the right coach to fit your needs, expectations, goals and even limitations. 

We can help you build a sustainable and successful program by:

  • Recruit and Identify a candidate pool appropriate to your needs as well as the departmental and institutional missions;

  • Leverage your program's advantages while also alleviate any shortcomings (whether perceived or potential) that might limit your pool of candidates;

  • Vet candidates' employment history, verify their accomplishments, and identify any sanctions from within the swimming community; and

  • Provide you with hard data on salaries;

  • Develop new hires "dry" skills in areas of recruiting, fundraising, budgeting and more; and

  • Advertise your position to our 1,600 member coaches

You can be assured that we can help you confidentially, efficiently and honestly because at the end of the day  because at the end of the day, the healthiest programs are those led by coaches who are prepared for and invested in their new program.  


Job Seekers

Each year, nearly 20% of coaching positions open.  That's because the competition to get into and get ahead in the coaching world is so fierce many candidates blindly accept a position whether its the right fit or not. It also means that many excellent coaches get overlooked

The CSCAA can help you find a position that matches your aspirations while also preparing equipping you with the skills you will need for your team to be successful and for you to be fulfilled.  The CSCAA can help you be successful through:

  • Education - Our Coaches Academy is the standard for preparing coaches (both new and veteran) with the off-deck skills necessary to succeed;

  • Career Advising - From the surface, some positions might appear perfect (and indeed many are), but what challenges are lurking below? Our knowledge of each program's history, conference landscape and broader issues in higher education can help you determine what is and isn't an issue, and what's negotiable or a non-starter.

  • Contract and Salary Negotiation Assistance - In swimming and diving, coaches rarely have an opportunity to renegotiate the terms of their employment so its best to go into the process well-informed. We can provide you hard data and help advice you on other things to consider.