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Now Accepting Award Nominations

The CSCAA bestows four awards annually.  These awards presented at the Association's Convention and Awards banquet, typically held in May.  Members may make nominations through the form below.  For a list of past recipients, click here.   Please consider the nature of each award before nominating.  Nominations are due March 1st of each year.

Charles McCaffree Award

Presented annually to an individual connected to the sport of swimming who has achieved outstanding success.

Ben Franklin Award

Awarded to the individual, or organization, whose efforts best promote the integrity and enhancement of the student-athlete ideal.

National Collegiate and Scholastic Swimming Trophy

The trophy is the highest award of its kind in the United States. It is presented to an individual or organization for having contributed in an outstanding way to swimming as a competitive sport and healthful recreational activity at schools and colleges.

Richard E. Steadman Award

Conferred annually to a swimming or diving coach in high school, club, or university ranks who, in the opinion of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, Inc. the CSCAA Forum, and the CSCAA, has done the most to spread happiness in Coach Steadman’s beloved sport of swimming and diving.

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