Tony Lisa Mentoring Initiative

CSCAA Mentoring Committee

  • Jeanne Fleck, Fresno State

  • Mickey Wender, Army / West Point

  • Anne Goodman-James, Colorado College

  • Bob Groseth, Queens University of Charlotte

  • Susan Teeter, Retired

  • George Kennedy, Retired

Mentoring is one of the most important things that can help a professional stay healthy and whole and develop continuously throughout one’s career.  Whether you are a grizzled veteran or in your rookie season, the more support a coach has, the stronger they and their team are.

The Tony Lisa Mentoring Initiative aims to provide coaches with these resources. Coaches who are selected are partnered with two other coaches. These three coaches (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) work together through a series of planned conference calls and monthly talking points. To ensure a quality experience, participation is limited.  

Mentoring groups are comprised of one Gold level coach (20+ years coaching), Silver (8-19 years), and Bronze (<8 Years).