CSCAA Coach Academy

2nd Annual CSCAA Coach Academy Line-Up

The CSCAA Coach Academy May 3-4, 2016

The Coach Academy was the compass I needed to develop a total team philosophy unique to our swimmers. It is a valuable resource that inspires coaches and brings further purpose to a program. - Christine Mabile

We are excited to present our second annual CSCAA Coach Academy as part of the CSCAA Convention.  The Academy will provide foundational professional development experiences to help coaches improve their off-the-deck skills, align their programs with the mission of their institution and gain new tactics for growing their alumni networks and financial support.  

The Coach Academy will include four sessions immediately prior to the start of the 2016 CSCAA Convention.  The sessions are led by exceptional coach leaders. (Partial List Below)

Cost: $50 (includes dinner Tuesday evening). 

The Coach Academy was an invaluable experience for me.  The relationships you foster with your athletes and the interactions they have are the true keys to success. The interpersonal skills covered during the academy allowed me to grow not only as a coach on and off the deck but more importantly was the fact that I was honing these skills alongside my peers who have become a tremendous support system for me.  I would highly recommend attending the academy to anyone looking to teach beyond the X's and O's of swimming itself and build a sustainable environment of support and growth.  - Dani Korman

Topics for 2016:

Session 1: Career Mapping- Celia Slater/ Conflict Resolution for Growth- Becky Burleigh

Session 2: Philosophy Soup and Team Culture- Burleigh/Slater

Session 3: Part 1. Everything You Wanted To Know… Coach Panel; Part 2. Parent Management Plan

Session 4: Mission Driven Recruiting- Dan Tudor/Greg Earhart

Last year's coaching academy was invaluable to my career.  I left with a much wider knowledge base and a great deal of confidence.  To hear from so many top coaches and experts was an amazing rexperience. - Franco Pacheco

Session Leaders:

Becky Burleigh, University of Florida, 2015 SEC Champions, NSCAA Soccer Coach of the Year after leading her team to the NCAA Championship- Co-Founder of 

Greg Earhart, Founder of, current program officer for the CSCAA and former DI and DIII Coach.  Greg knows recruiting from both the coaching side and the athlete side.

Celia Slater, True North Sports, Co-Founder of the Alliance of Women Coaches and the NCAA Women Coaches Academy 

Dan Tudor, Tudor Collegiate Strategies, Nationally respected recruiting consultant working with Collegiate Programs across the country.

Susan Teeter and Cathy Wright-Eger, Princeton and Purdue, former Big Ten and Ivy Coaches of the Year will lead the coach panel 

Bill Wadley, Ohio State, Former Big 10 Coach of the Year and entrepreneur coach whose teams have produced 15 Olympians, 16 Big Ten Champions, and dozens of All-America honors.