Dear Coaches: Need Some Inspiration to Swim 15 Minutes?

Since 1987, Swim Across America—a CSCAA partner—has been hosting benefit swims to raise money for cancer research. Over the past two decades, SAA has granted more than $65 million to fund doctors finding new cures and treatments to defeat cancer.

SAA is most known its 15 open water benefit swims and now they have created an individual swim that any of us can do. According to the National Cancer Institute, every 15 minutes 50 Americans are diagnosed with cancer. SAAs Swim15 invites you to swim 15 minutes, and ask 15 people to support you with a $15 donation. Like SAAs open water benefit swims, Swim15 is not a competition. Money donated is granted to SAA beneficiaries published on Swim15.org. The CSCAA staff of Joel, Greg, and Greg are joining Swim15.org.

Registration is open and Swim15 will be promoted June 1-15. Once you register, you receive a personal story page and donation messages are preset so you can simply send to your family and friends.

So coaches, if you need some inspiration to swim this summer, hopefully Swim15 will be it. Do it for a great cause.