Board Spotlight: Jeff Hegle


Jeff Hegle is beginning his 19th season on deck with St. Cloud State. In his 18 completed seasons, Hegle has led the Huskies to numerous NCAA Division II Championship meets, consistently finishing among the best in the country and a plethora of accolades in the classroom. In 2015 Coach Hegle was elected to the CSCAA Board of Directors with the goal of“[...] giving back to college swimming on a larger scale and representing Division II.” As Coach Hegle completes his third term on the Board, the CSCAA is soliciting nominations for a new women’s team representative for Division II.

What is it about St. Cloud State that has kept you coaching there for 18 seasons?
“I swam for St. Cloud State and was an assistant coach. To be able to coach my alma mater and build a successful program is something special. I also feel it is a great place to get an education and be a student-athlete.”

What has been one of your biggest obstacles and how did you overcome it in coaching?
“The biggest obstacle has been the continued struggle to increase funding and scholarship for Men’s and Women’s swimming and diving. We continue to fundraise and create positive relationships with Alumni and donors.”

What is the legacy you want to leave in the realm of coaching?
“I hope people are able to look back at my time as a collegiate coach as a coach who was always willing to help others and ran a successful program where student athletes graduated, were good people and become productive members of society.”