Rigorous Schedules Lead to Rigorous Results

561 Teams Named Scholar All-America for Fall Semester

Five hundred and forty-seven swimming and diving teams representing 358 colleges and universities have been named College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) Scholar All-America Teams.  The awards are in recognition of teams’ that achieved a grade point average of 3.0 or higher during the 2015 Fall Semester.  That is up 40 teams from the previous Fall Semester.

The announcement comes on the heels of last week’s NCAA Convention.  There, the topic of time demands on student-athletes was at the forefront.  In an era where many are calling for more limitations on athletic commitments how do swimmers and divers do it?

CSCAA Executive Director Joel Shinofield was effusive in his praise, “We really are fortunate to work with the best of the best.  In reality, some would argue that swimmers and divers have some of the most demanding practice schedules, but we find that in most cases their athletic drive and academic goals simply reinforce one another.”

“College swimming is a complete preparation for life, where our athletes see the results of goal-setting, perseverance and personal accountability,” said USA Swimming National Team Director Frank Busch. “These values that make swimmers successful in the pool are also what make them stand out in the classroom and become high achievers in their careers after college.”

Over 70% of all Division I swimming and diving teams achieved GPA’s of 3.00 or higher including 21 Women’s and 19 Men’s teams in the current CSCAA/TYR Top 25.  Leading the way among Division I programs was Boise State University.  The Broncos collectively earned a 3.64, and that’s partially a reflection of the department.  Head Coach Jeremy Kipp explained, “The entire environment around the Boise State University athletic program has been about pushing every metric of student athlete performance.  From the beginning of the year, our captains - Karli Kriewall, Blake Balough and Sam Wicks - committed the team to a 3.5 GPA.  This Academic goal was set on day one, along with our swimming performance and community service goals.

Shinofield noted that the teams’ GPAs were especially impressive given the rigorous course load taken by most swimmers.   A recent survey of Division I programs showed that nearly one third of all male and over 40% of female swimmers and divers pursued degrees in the STEM fields.

At Boise State, that number is closer to 54% with two engineering majors, eight biology majors, two more in nursing and one in geology.  When do these young women have time to be "normal" students?  Kipp explains, “Based on the goals that they set, our women were never interested in being normal.  Our women take pride in being ambitious and extraordinary because that is what it takes to be relevant on a national level.”

To be selected as a CSCAA Scholar All-America Team, programs must have achieved a grade point average of 3.00 or higher over the fall semester.

Division I


3.14 Akron Brian Peresie
3.61 Alabama Dennis Pursely
3.52 American Mark Davin
3.42 Arizona Rick DeMont
3.22 Arizona State Bob Bowman
3.56 Arkansas Sean Schimmel
3.16 Auburn Brett Hawke
3.62 Ball State Kristy Castillo
3.24 Binghamton Brad Smith
3.64 Boise State Jeremy Kipp
3.23 Boston College Tom Groden
3.39 Boston University Bill Smyth
3.63 Bowling Green Matt Ense
3.29 Brigham Young John Brooks
3.50 Brown Kate Kovenock
3.00 Bryant Katie Cameron
3.41 Bucknell Dan Schinnerer
3.23 Buffalo Andy Bashor
3.49 Butler Maurice Stewart
3.21 Cal State Bakersfield Chris Hansen
3.38 California Teri McKeever
3.47 Campbell Pascal Molinard
3.52 Cincinnati Mandy DiSalle
3.21 Clemson Leslie Hasselbach Adams
3.23 Cleveland State Paul Graham
3.37 Colgate Andy Waeger
3.28 Colorado State Christopher Woodard
3.34 Columbia Diana Caskey
3.38 Connecticut Bob Goldberg
3.39 Cornell Patrick Gallagher
3.50 Dartmouth Jim Wilson
3.25 Davidson John Young
3.57 Denver Brian Schrader
3.55 Drexel Adam Braun
3.41 Duke Dan Colella
3.42 Duquesne David Sheets
3.33 East Carolina Rick Kobe
3.52 Eastern Illinois Jacqueline Michalski
3.17 Eastern Michigan Peter Linn
3.50 Evansville Rickey Perkins
Janelle Atkinson-Wignall
3.32 Florida Gregg Troy
3.11 Florida Atlantic Lara Preacco
3.34 Florida Gulf Coast Neal Studd
3.32 Florida International Randy Horner
3.38 Fordham Steve Potsklan
3.34 Fresno State Jeanne Fleck
3.48 Gardner-Webb Mike Simpson
3.33 George Washington James Winchester
3.42 Georgetown James Holder
3.17 Georgia Jack Bauerle
3.38 Georgia Southern Nate Kellogg
3.13 Georgia Tech Courtney Hart
3.63 Grand Canyon Steve Schaffer
3.48 Harvard Stephanie Morawski
3.27 Hawaii Victor Wales
3.26 Houston Ryan Wochomurka
3.35 Idaho Mark Sowa
3.36 Illinois Sue Novitsky
3.39 Illinois State Scott Cameron
3.22 Illinois-Chicago Tim Loeffler
3.53 Incarnate Word Phillip Davis
3.32 Indiana Ray Looze
3.58 Iona Nick Cavataro
Marc Long
3.20 Iowa State Duane Sorenson
3.17 James Madison Dane Pedersen
Clark Campbell
3.56 Kentucky Lars Jorgensen
3.48 La Salle Jamie Platt
3.29 Lafayette Jim Dailey
3.12 Lehigh Rob Herb
3.47 Liberty Jake Shellenberger
3.46 Little Rock Amy Burgess
3.19 LIU-Brooklyn Tiffany Clay
3.21 Louisiana State Dave Geyer
3.46 Louisville Arthur Albiero
3.52 Loyola (MD) Brian Loeffler
3.38 Loyola Marymount Bonnie Adair
3.02 Manhattan Walter Olsewski
3.25 Marist Larry VanWagner
3.56 Marshall Bill Tramel
3.37 Miami (FL) Andy Kershaw
3.33 Miami (OH) Mark Davis
3.40 Michigan Michael Bottom
3.38 Michigan State Matt Gianiodis
3.28 Minnesota Kelly Kremer
3.61 Missouri Greg Rhodenbaugh
Missouri State
Dave Collins
3.08 Monmouth (NJ) Matthew Nunnally
3.13 Mount St. Mary's Neil Yost
3.58 Nebraska Pablo Morales
3.38 Nevada Neil Harper
3.06 New Hampshire Josh Willman
3.28 New Mexico State Rick Pratt
3.37 Niagara Ben Nigro
3.06 North Carolina Rich DeSelm
3.30 North Carolina State Braden Holloway
3.51 North Dakota Chris Maiello
3.55 North Texas Brendon Bray
3.18 Northeastern Roy Coates
Northern Arizona
Andy Johns
3.31 Northern Colorado Kelly McClanahan
3.41 Northern Iowa Doug Humphrey
3.41 Northwestern Abby Steketee
3.53 Oakland Pete Hovland
3.44 Ohio Rachel Komisarz-Baugh
3.29 Ohio State Bill Dorenkott
3.24 Old Dominion Carol Withus
3.37 Penn Mike Schnur
3.40 Penn State Tim Murphy
3.28 Pepperdine Nick Rodionoff
3.17 Pittsburgh Chuck Knoles
Pend Princeton Susan Teeter
3.35 Providence John O'Neill
3.36 Purdue John Klinge
3.14 Rhode Island Mick Westkott
3.49 Rice Seth Huston
3.39 Richmond Matt Barany
3.23 Rider Steve Fletcher
3.28 Rutgers Petra Martin
3.32 Sacred Heart John Spadafina
3.16 Saint Francis (PA) Rory Coleman
3.35 San Diego Mike Keeler
3.31 San Jose State Sage Hopkins
3.55 Seattle Craig Nisgor
Seton Hall
Ron Farina
3.45 Siena Paul Kueterman
South Carolina
McGee Moody
3.33 South Dakota Jason Mahowald
3.19 South Dakota State Brad Erickson
3.23 Southern Cal David Salo
3.42 Southern Illinois Rick Walker
3.43 Southern Methodist Steve Collins
3.48 Stanford Greg Meehan
3.34 Tennessee Matt Kredich
3.29 Texas Carol Capitani
3.16 Texas A&M Steve Bultman
Texas Christian
Richard Sybesma
3.18 Towson Jake Shrum
3.49 Tulane Katherine Robinson
3.15 UC-Davis Barbara Jahn
3.32 UCLA Cyndi Gallagher
3.14 UC-Santa Barbara Gregg Wilson
3.41 UMBC Chad Cradock
3.28 UNC-Asheville Elizabeth Lykins
3.37 UNLV Bobby Folan
3.21 Utah Joe Dykstra
3.21 Vermont Gerry Courmoyer
3.38 Villanova Rick Simpson
3.34 Virginia Tech Ned Skinner
3.62 Wagner Colin Shannahan
3.27 West Virginia Victor Riggs
3.24 William & Mary Matt Crispino
3.25 Wisconsin Whitney Hite
3.50 Xavier Brent MacDonald
3.58 Yale Jim Henry


3.38 Alabama Dennis Pursely
3.09 American Mark Davin
3.13 Arizona State Bob Bowman
3.12 Auburn Brett Hawke
3.17 Ball State Bob Thomas
3.02 Binghamton Brad Smith
3.14 Boston College Tom Groden
3.27 Boston University Bill Smyth
3.29 Brigham Young John Brooks
3.39 Brown Chris Ip
3.14 Bryant Katie Cameron
3.10 Buffalo Andy Bashor
3.08 Cal State Bakersfield Chris Hansen
3.14 Cincinnati Mandy DiSalle
3.17 Colgate Andy Waeger
3.32 Columbia Jim Bolster
3.02 Cornell Wes Newman
3.25 Dartmouth Jim Wilson
3.33 Davidson John Young
3.38 Denver Brian Schrader
3.17 Drexel Adam Braun
3.18 Duke Dan Colella
3.28 Eastern Illinois Jacqueline Michalski
3.23 Eastern Michigan Peter Linn
3.29 Evansville Rickey Perkins
3.00 Florida Gregg Troy
3.11 Florida Atlantic Lara Preacco
3.28 Fordham Steve Potsklan
3.38 Gardner-Webb Mike Simpson
3.39 Georgetown James Holder
3.19 Georgia Jack Bauerle
3.15 Georgia Tech Courtney Hart
3.34 Grand Canyon Steve Schaffer
3.47 Harvard Kevin Tyrrell
3.26 Hawaii Victor Wales
3.13 Illinois-Chicago Tim Loeffler
3.19 Incarnate Word Phillip Davis
3.02 Indiana Ray Looze
3.07 Iowa Marc Long
3.27 Kentucky Lars Jorgensen
3.12 Lafayette Jim Dailey
3.19 Lehigh Rob Herb
3.14 Louisiana State Dave Geyer
3.07 Louisville Arthur Albiero
3.22 Loyola (MD) Brian Loeffler
3.04 Manhattan Walter Olsewski
3.07 Marist Larry VanWagner
3.30 Miami (OH) Pete Lindsay
3.23 Michigan Michael Bottom
3.28 Michigan State Matt Gianiodis
3.17 Minnesota Kelly Kremer
3.28 Missouri Greg Rhodenbaugh
3.41 Missouri State Dave Collins
3.02 Monmouth (NJ) Matthew Nunnally
3.10 Niagara Ben Nigro
3.15 North Carolina Rich DeSelm
3.18 North Carolina State Braden Holloway
3.43 North Dakota Chris Maiello
3.15 Northwestern Jarod Schroeder
3.12 Notre Dame Matt Tallman
3.36 Oakland Pete Hovland
3.10 Ohio State Bill Wadley
3.01 Old Dominion Carol Withus
3.36 Penn Mike Schnur
3.00 Penn State Tim Murphy
3.08 Pittsburgh Chuck Knoles
Pend Princeton Rob Orr
3.19 Providence John O'Neill
3.06 Purdue Dan Ross
3.25 Rider Steve Fletcher
3.12 Seattle Craig Nisgor
Seton Hall
Ron Farina
South Carolina
McGee Moody
3.25 South Dakota State Brad Erickson
3.04 Southern Cal David Salo
3.18 Southern Illinois Rick Walker
3.30 Stanford Ted Knapp
3.10 Tennessee Matt Kredich
3.04 Texas Eddie Reese
Texas Christian
Richard Sybesma
3.10 UNLV Bobby Folan
3.30 Villanova Rick Simpson
3.08 Virginia Tech Ned Skinner
3.03 Wisconsin Whitney Hite
3.12 Xavier Brent MacDonald
3.43 Yale Tim Wise

CSCAA/TYR Top 25 teams
earning Scholar Honors

CSCAA/TYR Top 25 teams earning Scholar Honors

Division II


3.15 Assumption Stuart Cromarty
Azuza Pacific
Tim Kyle
3.33 Bentley Mary Kay Samko
3.23 Cal Baptist Rick Rowland
3.37 Cal State East Bay Ben Loorz
3.62 Carson-Newman Paige McCord
3.34 Catawba Michael Sever
3.47 Clarion Mark Van Dyke
3.30 Colorado Mesa Ron Allen
3.18 Colorado School of Mines Nate Rothman
3.24 Converse Corey White
3.16 Davis & Elkins Nikki Rosen
3.15 Edinboro Chris Rhodes
Allen Gilchrest
3.32 Findlay Andrew Makepeace
3.59 Florida Southern Mike Blum
3.42 Florida Tech Justin Andrade
3.21 Grand Valley Andy Boyce
3.02 Henderson State Coak Matthews
3.22 Hillsdale Kurt Kirner
3.35 Indianapolis Jason Hite
3.16 Kutztown Tim Flannery
3.39 Lenoir-Rhyne Paul Schiffel
3.33 Lewis Roger Karns
3.41 Limestone Megan Sheets
3.43 Lindenwood Jason Owen
3.75 LIU-Post Michael Travers
3.71 Lynn Niki Alvarez
3.63 Maryville Lori Payne
3.29 Minnesota-Mankato Nate Owens
3.08 Nebraska at Kearney Teresa Osmanski
3.62 Northern State Elyce Kastigar
3.03 Notre Dame (Ohio) Mark Dziak
3.24 Nova Southeastern Hollie Bonewit-Cron
3.52 Ouachita Baptist Steven Bostick
3.32 Pace Daniel Allen
3.46 Queens (NC) Jeff Dugdale
3.11 Saginaw Valley State Bruce Zimmerman
3.48 Saint Cloud Jeff Hegle
3.48 Saint Leo Paul Mangen
3.21 Saint Michael's Eileen Hall
3.30 Saint Rose Keith Murray
3.07 Shippensburg Tim Verge
3.26 Tampa Ed Brennan
3.00 UC-San Diego Corrie Falcon
3.57 Urbana Mike Bell
3.31 Wayne State Sean Peters
3.37 West Florida Andrew Hancock
3.37 Western State Geoff Hanson
3.34 Wheeling Jesuit Luis Ambrosio
3.33 William Jewell Mark Gole
Kirk Sanocki


3.15 Bentley Mary Kay Samko
3.03 Cal Baptist Rick Rowland
3.11 Carson-Newman Paige McCord
3.25 Catawba Michael Sever
3.39 Colorado School of Mines Nate Rothman
3.19 Davis & Elkins Nikki Rosen
Emmanuel Allen Gilchrest
3.02 Findlay Andrew Makepeace
3.46 Florida Southern Mike Blum
3.13 Florida Tech Justin Andrade
3.13 Grand Valley Andy Boyce
3.35 Indianapolis Jason Hite
3.09 Lenoir-Rhyne Paul Schiffel
3.09 Lewis Roger Karns
3.48 Limestone Megan Sheets
3.32 Lindenwood Jason Owen
3.15 Missouri S&T Doug Grooms
3.31 Pace Daniel Allen
3.20 Queens (NC) Jeff Dugdale
3.42 Rollins Rich Morris
3.39 Saint Leo Paul Mangen
3.07 Saint Michael's Eileen Hall
3.14 Tampa Ed Brennan
3.18 Truman State Ed Pretre
3.64 Urbana Mike Bell
3.00 Wheeling Jesuit Luis Ambrosio
3.19 William Jewell Mark Gole
Kirk Sanocki

CSCAA/TYR Top 25 teams
earning Scholar Honors

CSCAA/TYR Top 25 teams earning Scholar Honors

Division III


3.43 Albion Jake Taber
3.16 Alfred Brian Striker
3.10 Allegheny Kirk Kumbier
3.24 Arcadia John Geissinger
3.10 Augsburg Steve Webb
3.27 Austin College Robert Filander
3.35 Baldwin-Wallace Laura Wolff-Demaline
3.47 Bard Brian Berg
3.46 Bates Peter Casares
3.69 Beloit Kevin Schober
3.23 Berry Paul Flinchbaugh
3.32 Brandeis Mike Kotch
3.38 Calvin Dan Gelderloos
3.34 Carleton Andy Clark
3.40 Carnegie Mellon Matt Kinney
3.45 Carthage Beth DeLaRosby
3.49 Case Western Doug Milliken
3.27 Catholic Paul Waas
3.54 Chapman Dennis Ploessel
3.37 Chatham Hillary Palmer
3.51 Chicago Jason Weber
3.38 Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Charlie Griffiths
3.41 Clark University Paul Phillips
3.62 Colorado College Anne Goodman James
3.66 Connecticut College Marc Benvenutti
3.32 Denison Gregg Parini
3.31 DePauw Benjamin Hewitt
3.29 Dickinson Paul Richards
Rich Munson
Eastern Connecticut
Maureen Fahey
3.32 Elms College Bill Tyler
3.43 Emory & Henry Dave Griffore
3.51 Emory University Jon Howell
3.22 Franklin Andy Hendricks
3.21 Franklin & Marshall Ben Delia
3.16 Gettysburg Mike Rawleigh
3.24 Goucher Tom Till
3.43 Grinnell Erin Hurley
3.15 Grove City David Fritz
3.44 Gustavus Jon Carlson
3.45 Hamilton T.J. Davis
3.05 Hartwick Dale Rothenberger
3.23 Hendrix Marty Wahle
3.43 Hiram Brian O'Neill
3.13 Hollins Patrick Richardson
3.32 Ithaca Paula Miller
3.07 John Carroll Mark Fino
3.34 Johns Hopkins
George Kennedy
3.41 Kalamazoo Kathy Milliken
3.38 Keene State Chris Woolridge
3.56 Kenyon Jess Book
3.50 Kings (PA) Matt Easterday
3.53 Knox Jonathan Powers
3.27 La Verne Patricia Skehan
3.17 Lake Forest Vadim Tashlitsky
3.42 Lawrence Andrew Fleek
3.36 Lewis and Clark Chris Fantz
3.03 Loras Ben Gil
3.43 Luther Bethany Nicoll
3.32 Lycoming Jerry Hammaker
3.27 Macalester Elizabeth Whittle
3.10 Manchester Mike Kroll
3.34 Mary Washington Abby Brethauer
3.45 MIT Dani Korman
3.61 McDaniel Jeff Hiestand
3.53 Messiah Nancy Luley
3.05 Minnesota-Morris David Molesworth
3.57 Mount Holyoke Dave Allen
3.55 Mount Union Eric Mojock
3.41 Nazareth Martie Staser
3.58 Nebraska Wesleyan Greg Flemming
3.48 New England Rick Hayes
3.46 New York University Trevor Miele
3.30 Oberlin Andy Brabson
3.12 Oneonta State Chris Schuler-Ghiorse
3.55 Pacific Lutheran Matt Sellman
3.20 Penn State-Behrend Jennifer Wallace
3.38 Pomona & Pitzer J.P. Gowdy
3.44 Principia Carl Erickson
3.41 Redlands Leslie Whittemore
3.28 Regis James Sweeney
3.27 Rhode Island College Ron Sutherland
3.67 Ripon Ryan Goggans
3.50 Rochester Emily Wylam
3.34 Roger Williams Matt Emmert
3.27 Rose-Hulman Keith Crawford
3.34 RPI Shannon O`Brien
3.37 Saint Benedict Dan Eckberg
Saint Catherine
Steve Mohs
3.05 Saint Joseph [CT] Brenda Straker
3.71 Saint Olaf Bob Hauck
3.40 Salisbury Jill Stephenson
3.49 Sarah Lawrence Eric Mitchell
3.46 Simmons Mindy Williams
3.47 Simpson Tom Caccia
3.64 Skidmore Jill Belding Greenleaf
3.61 Smith Kim Bierwert
3.24 Southwestern Jonathan Duncan
3.52 Springfield John Taffe
3.32 Staten Island Michael Ackalitis
3.36 Stevens Brad Thornton
3.23 SUNY-Geneseo Paul Dotterweich
3.15 SUNY-New Paltz Scott Whitbeck
3.25 SUNY-Oswego Mike Holman
3.41 Susquehanna Jerry Foley
3.28 Swarthmore Karin Colby
3.51 Sweet Briar Donna Hodgert
3.03 Transylvania Keaton Koukis
3.40 Trinity (CT) Carlos Vega
3.47 Trinity (TX) John Ryan
3.43 Tufts Adam Hoyt
3.09 UMASS-Dartmouth Cathy Motta
3.33 Union (NY) Scott Felix
3.36 Ursinus Mark Feinberg
3.51 UW-La Crosse Charles King
3.54 Vassar Lisl Prater-Lee
3.42 Washington & Jefferson Mike Orstein
3.42 Washington and Lee Kami Gardner
3.40 Washington College (MD) Kim Lessard
3.49 Washington University (MO)
Brad Shively
3.44 Wellesley Bonnie Dix
3.47 Wesleyan Peter Solomon
3.28 Western New England Andrea Daley-Arvanites
3.21 Westfield State Dave Laing
3.21 Westminster Rob Klamut
Wheaton (MA)
Barrett Roberts
3.48 Whitman Jenn Blomme
3.35 Whittier Tasman Backer
3.61 Widener Katy Peterson
3.13 Willamette Leslie Shevlin
3.24 William Paterson Ed Gurka
3.02 Wittenberg Natalie Koukis
3.38 Wooster Rob Harrington
3.17 York (Pa.) Greg Doyle
CSCAA/TYR Top 25 teams earning


3.36 Albion Jake Taber
3.28 Alfred Brian Striker
3.04 Allegheny Kirk Kumbier
3.55 Bard Brian Berg
3.27 Bates Peter Casares
3.39 Beloit Kevin Schober
3.16 Brandeis Mike Kotch
3.26 Calvin Dan Gelderloos
3.30 Carleton Andy Clark
3.39 Carnegie Mellon Matt Kinney
3.30 Carthage Seth Weidmann
3.21 Case Western Doug Milliken
3.13 Catholic Paul Waas
3.15 Chapman Dennis Ploessel
3.15 Chatham Hillary Palmer
3.31 Chicago Jason Weber
3.27 Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Charlie Griffiths
3.19 Clark Paul Phillips
3.19 Clark University Paul Phillips
3.63 Colorado College Anne Goodman James
3.35 Connecticut College Marc Benvenutti
3.07 Denison Gregg Parini
3.04 DePauw Adam Cohen
3.28 Dickinson Paul Richards
3.17 Elms College Bill Tyler
3.56 Emory University Jon Howell
3.11 Gettysburg Mike Rawleigh
3.24 Grinnell Erin Hurley
3.24 Gustavus Jon Carlson
3.31 Hamilton T.J. Davis
3.18 Hendrix Marty Wahle
3.36 Hiram Brian O'Neill
3.12 Illinois Tech Kyllian Griffin
3.10 Ithaca Kevin Markwardt
3.09 John Carroll Mark Fino
3.38 Johns Hopkins
George Kennedy
3.10 Kalamazoo Kathy Milliken
3.07 Keene State Chris Woolridge
3.40 Kenyon Jess Book
3.16 Knox Jonathan Powers
3.24 La Verne Patricia Skehan
3.27 Lewis and Clark Chris Fantz
3.01 Luther Bethany Nicoll
3.37 Macalester Elizabeth Whittle
3.60 MIT Dani Korman
3.43 McDaniel Jeff Hiestand
3.37 Mount Union Eric Mojock
3.10 Nazareth Martie Staser
3.33 Nebraska Wesleyan Greg Flemming
3.24 New York University Trevor Miele
3.02 Oberlin Andy Brabson
3.13 Pacific Lutheran Matt Sellman
3.45 Pomona & Pitzer J.P. Gowdy
3.60 Principia Carl Erickson
3.38 Regis James Sweeney
3.30 Rochester Emily Wylam
3.37 Rose-Hulman Keith Crawford
3.03 RPI Shannon O`Brien
3.03 Saint Olaf Bob Hauck
3.22 Sarah Lawrence Eric Mitchell
3.15 Simpson Tom Caccia
3.12 Southwestern Jonathan Duncan
3.27 Springfield John Taffe
3.10 Staten Island Michael Ackalitis
3.13 Stevens Brad Thornton
3.17 SUNY-Geneseo Paul Dotterweich
3.31 Swarthmore Karin Colby
3.13 Transylvania Keaton Koukis
3.09 Trinity (CT) Carlos Vega
3.23 Tufts Adam Hoyt
3.11 Union (NY) Scott Felix
3.05 Ursinus Mark Feinberg
3.41 Vassar Lisl Prater-Lee
3.17 Wabash Brent Noble
3.28 Washington and Lee Kami Gardner
3.19 Washington College (MD) Kim Lessard
3.39 Washington University (MO) Brad Shively
3.32 Wesleyan Peter Solomon
3.06 Westminster Rob Klamut
Wheaton (MA)
Barrett Roberts
3.37 Whitman Jenn Blomme
3.00 Whittier Tasman Backer
3.18 Whitworth Steve Schadt
3.29 Wilkes Mark Barnes
3.03 Willamette Leslie Shevlin

CSCAA/TYR Top 25 teams
earning Scholar Honors

CSCAA/TYR Top 25 teams earning Scholar

NAIA Women

CSCAA/TYR Top 25 teams earning Scholar Honors


3.25 Brenau Nate Rhoads
3.19 Columbia College Jason Gallaher
3.20 Concoridia-Irvine Jeff Boss
3.33 Cumberlands Eric Skelly
3.24 Lindenwood-Belleville Mandy Chun Lau
3.46 Lindsey Wilson Alicia Kemnitz
3.41 Olivet Nazarene Scott Teeters
3.24 SCAD Bill Pilczuk
3.43 Tabor Nathan Duell
3.66 Union (KY) Rafael Forti

3.02 Concoridia-Irvine Jeff Boss
3.02 Cumberlands Eric Skelly
3.21 Lindenwood-Belleville Mandy Chun Lau
3.50 Lindsey Wilson Alicia Kemnitz
3.06 Morningside Bryan Farris
3.39 SCAD Bill Pilczuk
3.11 Tabor Nathan Duell
3.16 Union (KY) Rafael Forti


3.41 Indian River Sion Brinn
3.26 Southwestern Oregon Sandra Bullock


3.13 Indian River Sion Brinn
3.39 Southwestern Oregon Sandra Bullock

Largest Scholar All-America Teams