New Diving Judge Procedure for DIII Diving Regionals

The NCAA DIII Swimming and Diving Committee has asked that we post the memorandum below as a reminder of the changes to the judging procedures at the NCAA DIII Diving Regionals.


January 22, 2016 

TO: Head Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving Coaches of NCAA Institutions that Sponsor Division III Men's and/or Women's Swimming and Diving. 

FROM: Liz Horvat 

Assistant Director, Championships and Alliances. 

SUBJECT: Diving Qualification and Entry Procedures for the 2016 NCAA 

Division III Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving 


Please review the following information regarding the diving qualification and entry procedures for the 2016 NCAA Division III Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships. Please ensure that the head diving coach at your institution also receives a copy of this memorandum

Divers will qualify for the NCAA Division III Swimming and Diving Championships through one of four NCAA sponsored diving regionals. 

1. Qualifying Score. To qualify for participation in the regional diving meets, a student-athlete must meet one of the following criteria: (1) achieve the qualifying standard at least twice on the same board during the qualification period; or (2) once at his/her conference championship meet on either board. 

2. Results Submissions. Once a diver achieves either two qualifying scores on the same board or one qualifying score at his/her conference championship, the signed dive sheet(s) along with the attached Regional Diving Information Form must be submitted by the diver’s coach to Lewis Fellinger (; fax:888/578-5719). The diving coach is no longer required to send in every qualifying score. A list of all qualified divers will be posted on 

3. Championships Entry. In order for a diver to be entered into a regional meet, the diver must have met the qualifying criteria described above and must submit a dive list via the system for the appropriate regional meet. The deadline to submit the dive list is Monday, February 22, 2016 by 8 p.m., Eastern time. Failure to send in the required forms by the date listed will result in omission from the regional meet.NCAA MEMORANDUM January 22, 2016 Page No. 2 _________

4. Judges. NEW THIS YEAR- Each participating institution is required to supply one judge (e.g. diving coach) for each event that they have a diver entered. Judging panels will be selected at the coaches meeting along with the selection of a Head Referee and an Assistant Referee for each panel. 

5. Selection of divers. Each regional diving meet will be given a fixed number of NCAA championship qualifiers to ensure equitable access opportunities. This number will be determined by the number of divers eligible to compete in a given region. At the end of the qualification period, all divers eligible to compete in a regional meet, as determined by the criteria listed above, will be assigned to their geographic region. The number of eligible divers at each region will be divided by the total number of eligible divers at all regions then multiplied by 24 to determine the ratio for assigned qualification spots. Regardless of ratios, no region will have less than two qualifiers. The regional qualification allocation shall be posted on by Tuesday, February 23, 2016. Qualifiers for the NCAA Division III Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships will be determined by alternating between the day one highest finisher and the day two highest finisher, considering that divers already invited will be skipped. 

Example with five qualifiers: 1-Winner from day one; 2-Highest finisher day two, not already invited; 3-Highest finisher day one, not already invited; 4-Highest finisher day two, not already invited; 5-Highest finisher day one, not already invited. 

This ensures equal consideration is given to both boards. However, every year the event order shall rotate to not favor one board in a given region over time. 

6. Diving regional host sites. The following are the four 2016 regional diving sites: 

Region 1 (Central): Denison University 

Region 2 (Midwest-South-West): Grinnell College 

Region 3 (Northeast-North): Wellesley College 

Region 4 (Northeast-South): State University of New York at Cortland 

7. Competition requirements. A diver qualified to compete in the regional diving meet as well as those selected to participate in the NCAA Division III Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships is required to submit a list of dives via [Note: Review the “Diving Entry Procedure” section in the 2016 Division III Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Pre-Championship Manual for detailed instructions.] 


cc: Mr. Lewis Fellinger 

NCAA Division III Men's and Women's 

Swimming and Diving Committee

Regional Diving Information Form

Name of Institution: ____________________________________________________________________ 

Institution Address: ____________________________________________________________________ 

Diving Coach: ___________________________ Diving Coach’s Email: ____________________________ 

Diving Coach’s Office #: ___________________ Diving Coach’s Cell #: ___________________________ 

Diving Coach’s Total Years’ Experience: _______ Diving Coach’s years at current Institution: __________ 

Head Swim Coach: _______________________ Head Swim Coach’s Email: _______________________ 

Head Swim Coach’s Office #: _______________ Head Swim Coach’s Cell #: _______________________ 

Region: 1 (Denison) 2 (Grinnell) 3 (Wellesley) 4 (SUNY-Cortland) 

Qualifying Athletes Name: Last: ________________________ First: ____________________________ 

Sex: Male Female 

Year: FY SO JR SR 

Qualifying Scores (Must match the qualifying scores that are being sent in with this form) 

6 Dives

1 Meter (Score 1) __________ Date _________ (Score 2) __________ Date _________ 

3 Meter (Score 1) __________ Date _________ (Score 2) __________ Date _________ 

11 Dives

1 Meter (Score 1) __________ Date _________ (Score 2) __________ Date _________ 

3 Meter (Score 1) __________ Date _________ (Score 2) __________ Date _________ 

Conference Championships

1 Meter (Score ) __________ Date _________ Conference_____________________________ 

3 Meter (Score ) __________ Date _________ Conference_____________________________ 

*This Form along with the signed qualifying diving sheet(s) must be sent to Lewis Fellinger (; fax: 888/578-5719) by 8 p.m., Eastern time, February 22, 2016.