Hartnell College Returns to Pool


Hartnell College in Salinas, California will reinstate men’s and women’s swimming and diving. The decision will bring the CCCAA up to fifty men’s and fifty-seven women’s programs and follows a years worth of research by the college.

That research showed that competitive swimming and diving had the most interest of sports not currently offered at Hartnell (36 percent). The program projects to generate $221,880 in revenue compared to just $34,500 in cost.

Twenty-two USA Swimming clubs and fifty-two high school programs operate within 50 miles of campus including Salinas, Notre Dame and Palma High School which currently use Hartnell’s eight lane, fifty-meter facility. Extending the radius to one hundred miles, Harnell will be able to recruit from a deep and talented talent pool of one hundred club and 245 high school programs.

Hartnell is currently looking for a full-time instructor and coach to organize the men's and women's teams. The priority application deadline is May 28

Programs Added for 2020

Women’s Teams

  1. Montevallo (Division II)

  2. Medaille (Division III)

  3. Milsaps (Division III)

  4. Lynchburg (Division III)

  5. Salem (Division III)

  6. Bethel (IN) (NAIA)

  7. Judson (NIAIA)

  8. Simpson (NAIA)

  9. Westmont (NAIA)

  10. Harnell (CCCAA)

Men’s Teams

  1. Youngstown State (Division I)

  2. Adams State (Division II)

  3. Assumption (Division II)

  4. Davenport (Division II)

  5. Montevallo (Division II)

  6. Medaille (Division III)

  7. Milsaps (Division III)

  8. Lynchburg (Division III)

  9. Bethel (IN) (NAIA)

  10. Judson (NAIA)

  11. Simpson (NAIA

  12. Westmont (NAIA)

  13. Harnell (CCCAA)