Long Course Time Trial Post DII NCAA Championship

Indiana Swimming Inc. will host a long course meet with time trials on Sunday March 13 following the 2016 NCAA DII Championships.  The meet is open to those competing in the NCAA Championship, but all NCAA bylaws and applicable waiver rules must be adhered to for participation.  Full Meet Information Available Here

Georgia Tech Post-NCAA Championship Long Course Time Trial

Women's Meet: Sunday, March 20, 2016-
Teams- Open to all NCAA Member Institution Women's Teams
Men's Meet: Sunday, March 27, 2016-
Teams- Open to all NCAA Member Institution Men's Teams

Location: Georgia Tech Campus Rec. Center, McAuley Aquatic Center

Time: Doors open 8:00 a.m.; Warm-up 8:30 a.m.; Meet Start: 10:00 a.m.

Full Meet Information Available Here

Meet Contact: Andy Robins
Assistant Swimming Coach, Georgia Tech
404-385-3902 (c)
404-432-6052 (o)

Thank you to Georgia Tech for hosting both meets!

NCAA Division III Blanket Waiver

NCAA Division III Management Council Subcommittee for Legislative Relief Approves Blanket Waiver for NCAA Bylaw (athletically related activities). 

April 30, 2015. 

The NCAA Division III Management Council Subcommittee for Legislative Relief approved a blanket waiver to allow Division III men’s and women’s swimming student-athletes who have achieved a 2016 United States (U.S.) Olympic Team Trials qualifying time to continue to receive coaching instruction from their collegiate coaches through the U.S. Olympic Trials, beginning June 26, 2016.  For student-athletes who have not achieved an Olympic Trials qualifying time by March 20, 2016, (the day following the conclusion of the 2016 NCAA Division III Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving Championships), the waiver permits Division III swimming coaches to continue providing coaching instruction from March 20, 2016, through events ending May 8, 2016.  To qualify for this portion of the waiver, a student-athlete must achieve a time within one percent for events 200 meters/yards or longer and two percent for events 100 meters/yards or shorter of either the long course meters or short course yards time standards for the 2015 Senior National Championships.  This portion also allows an institution to provide a qualifying student-athlete with expenses to participate in a meet until May 8, 2016.  In order for student-athletes to continue to be coached by his or her collegiate coach beyond May 8, student-athletes must achieve an Olympic Trials qualifying time no later than May 8.  In issuing this waiver, the subcommittee noted the elite and unique nature of the U.S. Olympic Trials

Time Standards Can Be Found Here