But on many campuses, they are learning to love the water from those least-likely to drown - the swimming and diving team.  During Campus Learn-to-Swim Month, swimmers and divers provide free lessons to their fellow student-athletes, coaches and staff and help them avoid becoming one of the 3,500 Americans who drown each summer. 


What is it?

In addition to saving a life, Campus Learn-to-Swim Month allows the campus community to interact with its most enthusiastic, smart, and disciplined students. In doing so they see swimmers and divers as more than just anonymous athletes and that swimming and diving isn't just another sport.

Lessons generate positive publicity for your team and provide a tangible benefit to your department and campus.  Even if you already fund raise through lessons, Campus Learn-to-Swim Month allows you to cross-promote and increase enrollment in your existing paid program.


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The Goal

We want to ensure that no student, coach faculty or staff become a statistic.  To combat this teams volunteer their time to teach small group or one-on-one lessons to  so the target audience for Campus Learn-to-Swim Month is adults. The goal isn’t to maximize the number of people taught, but rather to provide people with a skill that can save their life.  Each institution will know its target audience and capacity, but we recommend targeting:

  • Other student-athletes within your department

  • Coaches and support staff within your department

  • Campus-wide faculty, staff and students



What Do I Need?

Participating in Campus Learn-to-Swim Month is easy.  All you need is an interest in showing your institution why swimming and diving is the most valuable sport on campus.  You will need to do some planning and contribute some time in April.  We've created some simple and flexible guidelines and worked with our partners at U.S. Masters Swimming to make it easy for your team to participate.

Download Guidelines | Download Volunteer Instructor Guide | Download Editable Promotional Flyer



April is the Perfect Time

Campus Learn-to-Swim Month is designed to be hosted during a natural lull between the end of the championship season and the start of Summer Break. The month-long event is also perfectly situated to tie in with:

Strategically, April is the last opportunity for teams to showcase their value before the end of the academic year.

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What's Next?

First - let us know!  E-mail Greg Earhart with your dates and locations.  We will make sure to help promote you and your team's efforts. 

Then - download our recommended guidelines.  These will help you plan

U.S. Masters Swimming. offers a very helpful Download Volunteer Instructor Guide.  You can also Download Editable Promotional Flyer to help promote your lessons.  The USA Swimming Foundation offers you an excellent avenue to promote your lessons.  Finally, National Student-Athlete Day is held annually on April 6th.

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